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Connecting You To A Better Job

Garcia & Associates, LLC has a simple mission. We partner with clients in several key areas across the IT spectrum: information protection, IP Telephony, Wireless LAN, and Wide Area Networking to create the most productive management, sales and engineering teams possible. Our methods are built on a foundation of ethics, professionalism, and tenured success in the recruiting industry, and our success may be measured by the long-term relationships we enjoy with key clients.

6 Questions to Ask When Crossing an Executive Search Firm   
  1. Will the consultant be a credible ambassador for your organization?
  2. Does the consultant understand your organization and its environment?
  3. Does the consultant have the right experience to handle your assignments?
  4. Will the consultant give you top priority?
  5. Will the assignment be handled by the firm's best people?
  6. Are you comfortable with the consultant's approach and do you feel the assignment will be handled effectively?
Client Feature Items   

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